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<litleToken> in Authorization Response

<litleToken> in Authorization Response

On making the Online Authorization Request using the paypageRegistrationId, the Authorization Response received has <litleToken> in it. Is this litleToken used for making recurring payments? If so, how do I make the Online Authorization Request using this litleToken? I am referring to eProtect Integration Guide June 2017 version ; cnpAPI Release: V11.1.


Hi Adesh,

Yes, you would use the token instead of the card number for all go-forward processing.  Essentially, you would send the token instead of the card in the XML message.  For additional detailed information as to how this is done, please refer to the cnpAPI guide, which can be found at Vantiv_cnpAPI_Reference_Guide_API11.3_V1.7.pdf .  Section 1.10 provides functional information specific to the tokenization product, while Section 3.3.1 and Section 3.3.32 provide guidance as to how to include the token in the authorization and sale transactions respectively.  In addition, Section 2.4.4 provides various test scenarions and cases specific to token processing (this testing is available with the eCom platform's pre-live test environment).




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