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eProtect iFrame ready detection

eProtect iFrame ready detection

Is there a way to detect if the iFrame is ready?( any function or callback) This can be useful in case iFrame loading up takes time due to  slower internet connections.

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Hi Adesh, I got your answer from one of our product managers: 

"We have recently implemented an enhancement as of November that detects when the iFrame has been rendered onto the page. The original implementation required the merchant to not display the entire web page until the eProtect iframe was ready by structuring the client code to load the iFrame and all related surrounding host page content in a hidden DIV, however merchants did not actually know then iframe DIV was ready to display. As a result of their feedback, eProtect has implemented an enhancement that officers a message when the iframe CSS is loaded and ready as the CSS will be embedded in the HTML. This means the CSS will always be loaded when the iFrame is loaded, preventing the flickering effect, commonly known as a (FOUC)  merchants may experience."

Hi Dani,

Are there any instructions for implementing this? I don't see anything about it in the documentation.


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