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What's your favorite rewards/loyalty program and why?

What's your favorite rewards/loyalty program and why?

What business or product do you find yourself going back to because of their sweet rewards program? My favorite is my Southwest Rapid Rewards Card. I haven't paid over $11 for any flight I've taken for a vacation this year, thanks to all the sweet points on my card. w00t!

How about you?


This is the easiest question I've had all day!

REI dividends.  For the past 10+ years it happens every time, like finding a $20 bill in an old coat pocket, but so much better.

Every year I drop a significant amount of my income at REI - on ski gear, camping/backpacking gear, clothes, etc...  This program is strong enough to keep me from going to amazon or to do my shopping from the comfort of my mobile device.

Without fail, I always forget about dividends.  A couple of weeks ago I was buying a couple of stretching blocks and yoga mat.  I was prepared to fork out the $68 bucks when the cashier said hey, you have enough dividends to pay for this.

I walked out with a bunch of gear and didn't pay anything.  Made my day and I told everyone about it.

Most effective loyalty program in my opinion.

LEGO!! I love it.. simple, easy to use and the rewards show up. No need to remember anything but your phone number. I had no idea southwest worked so well daniperea

Not sure I have a favorite, but I get the most value from my Cabelas Rewards Card (yes, I have a library of their limited edition hardback catalogs!)


When it comes to loyalty or reward programs, if it is convenient I'll probably sign up...especially if it supports mobile because I always have my for or least my #.

I agree, Mark. REI has a fantastic loyalty program!

Here in Durango, I love the Durango Joe's program. Load your pre-paid card with $30 and get your most EXPENSIVE drink for free - lattes, smoothies, specialty teas, you name it. Most programs and coupons give the you the least expense for free.

GameStop's Elite Pro Member.  it is a beta program that GameStop is doing that costs $30.00 a year. you get free 2 day shipping (similar to amazon) and 20% discount on preowned products as well as a discount on collectibles and bonus trade in value.  and of course I get their magazine. but the money I save on collectibles is really neat and I earn points while I spend that I can get other collectibles and free stuff through the Rewards program.

American Express Membership Rewards is my favorite.  I like the combinations] of a high level of customer service and very easy & comprehensive rewards choices. 

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