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Welcome to the FIS Developer Community.

Search or Browse for People, Places, and Content

Search or Browse for People, Places, and Content

You can make use of the following ways to keep track of, and find, everything that's important to you. And remember, as you develop behavior patterns in the community, Jive will recommend relevant content, people, and places based on your activity.

Using the Main Spotlight Search

Use keywords in the main Spotlight Search box to quickly find what you're looking for. It is a quick way to look for things you already know about or have good keywords for if you're just looking generally. Once you start typing your keywords in the Spotlight Search box, suggested content will begin to populate in the spotlight search window. If what you want is listed there, just click on it. If not, click Show 5 more to see if it's listed there. If you don't see what you're looking for, press Enter to see all matching results on the main search page. From there, you can create more complex and filtered searches.

Tip: You can prevent your History and Bookmarks from being returned in search results. To do this, click the triangle next to your avatar and then Preferences. From there, select the Don't show history or bookmarks when searching box, then Save.

Search for Something Within a Place

If you know something is saved in a specific place, you can limit your spotlight search to just that place. First, go to the place. Then, type your keyword into the search box and select Show: Only for [this Place].

Search for Someone's Content

If you know someone authored a document or participated in a discussion but you can't remember any keywords from the discussion, go to the person's profile and open More > Content. From there, browse through their recent content creations, discussion comments, and so on, to find what you're looking for.

Search by Recently Viewed or Frequently Viewed

Click in the Spotlight Search field to see pages you've recently or frequently viewed in the community. The Recently Viewed and Frequently Viewed tabs in the Spotlight Search area show the Content, People, and Places you have recently visited or frequently visited in your community. You can toggle between Recently Viewed and Frequently Viewed items. For a more detailed listing of items in your history, click Show 5 more Content, People, or Places. From there, you can click Show all recently/frequently viewed and sort your items by date or use a keyword search to filter them.

Browse and Filter People, Places and Content

Go to Content, People, or Places from the main navigation menu and try any of these filtering methods to find what you need. Keep in mind that every browse page includes a set of filtering tabs on the left and across the top which let you refine your search criteria. For example, when you browse content you can choose whether to browse everything or only content you authored or participated in.

Once you're browsing, you have even more sorting, filtering and key-word search options, including things like sort by date, filter by tags, or search specific text, which all help you find what you need as quickly as possible.

Refining Your Filter Results by Type

As shown in the following graphic, you can limit your view by selecting certain types of information. For example, you can limit content to just blog posts or discussions. You can even filter by actions or outcomes marked on content. For instance, you can filter to see only content marked Official. Place browsing can be narrowed to just spaces, social groups, or projects. You can then use the keyword, tag, and filter options to refine your search even further.

For example, here are two ways you might look for last April's East Coast sales report:

  • Click Content and type Sales Report in the Type to filter by text box. Then click the arrow under "Sort by latest activity" and select instead Sort by date created (ascending or descending). By default, the most recent results are shown first.
  • Click People and type the Sales Director's name in the Type to filter by text box. If you don't know her name, try typing in "Sales Director." After you have located the person's people card, click on her name and go to her Content tab. From there, select Authored from the left-hand menu and Documents from the top menu to show only the documents she wrote. You can filter these further by keyword or tag if she's an especially productive content creator.
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