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Response 887 from eProtect?

Response 887 from eProtect?

We are seeing a variety of users receive a "887" failure response from eProtect.

I may be missing something, I don't see this response code listed in the documentation. 

Can someone please help me understand what this error response represents?



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Hi Steve,

I spoke to some of our developers and this response code was added a while ago to cover what should be an edge case. These are the circumstances, as I understand them:

The eProtect OmniToken service is switched to a back-up server, most likely during a maintenance window. Somehow a token request from a non-OmniToken merchant gets routed to the back-up server that should only be servicing OmniToken merchants. From the merchant profile, the system detects that the request comes from a non-OmniToken merchant and returns the 887 - Non-OmniToken eProtect request not allowed.

While I am unsure why this occurred in this particular instance (i.e., the message routing shouldn't have occurred), it should not be an ongoing issue. If you are continuing to receive this response code, especially if you get them outside a maintenance window, please contact you Relationship Manager. They can open a ticket and get our Production Support team to dig into the issue.


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