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Not able to access

Not able to access


I am not able to access

Is there any configuration/Certificate I am missing?

is there any other URL that I can try?



Hi Swapnal,

Did you try browsing/navigating to that URL?  If so, you'll always receive an "unable to connect" error as this URL is intended to accept HTTP POSTs only.  You will construct XML transaction messages which you will then POST to the referenced URL.  If you did attempt posting to this URL and received an error, our sandbox was down for maintenance over the weekend and is now back online and operational.

In any case, please see our github for an overview of the sandbox environment: Developers | Vantiv


Jeremy Bellino

eCom Implementations Consultant

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for this answer, I spent more than a couple of days trying to access the sandbox.

From my point of view, this piece of information should be in the dev-documentation.

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