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Merchant ID & Sandbox

Merchant ID & Sandbox

I've seen a couple questions on here about finding your Merchant ID (for example: Need Merchant ID ) - but there don't seem to be any resolutions. So I'll ask my own question!

We're working on setting up a gateway to use Vantiv, either custom built or using WooCommerce. In looking at the WooCommerce plugin, I see there's a space for Merchant ID. This is separate from User ID, which I assume is the one they use to log in at

How do we get a Merchant ID? Is it something I can find under their account on Or is it something we get when we sign up at Vantiv eCommerce Certification - New Organization Registration ? They're a current customer, so I hesitate to go through the "New Organization Registration" process unless we need to.

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Hello Matt mwdweb​,

At Vantiv we have several different payment processing platforms - a few of which can work with WooCommerce or that can be used for custom integration efforts.

If you can help us to understand a bit more about your merchant and how they'd like to connect with Vantiv, we can get you in the right place. You mention they're a current customer - can you provide some additional details?

We can provide 'test' Merchant account credentials for you to use for the development and testing of a specific solution using our development environment.  But, we'll need to know what platform you're working with before we know what kind of test credentials you need.

Feel free to reach out to me directly through Vantiv O.N.E. - perhaps we can connect for a phone call to discuss?


- paulblick

Hi Paul paulblick​,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, a phone call might be the most efficient route. I probably shouldn't go posting their details on a public forum like this.

What's a good number? Or I can send you mine.


Hi Matt mwdweb​,

I sent you an e-mail to the address I have on file, but did not hear back from you.
Please feel free to e-mail me directly at and we can dive in.


- paulblick


You mentioned that you've explored the WooCommerce plugin for Vantiv, and that you're looking for input for the Merchant ID and User ID fields.  Take a look at the image below ... does it match up with your plugin?


If so, then the values that it is looking for and that software is compatible with the Vantiv eCommerce platform, formerly Litle & Co. 

You'll want to make sure you're directing questions for that software to the right department at Vantiv, as Paul noted in his reply. 

There's another plugin that you might be using, scroll down for that one. 

The other plugin is for Vantiv integrated payments, formerly Mercury, and looks like the screenshot below.

Mercury_Plugin.PNGYou'll want to make sure your Merchant is boarded on the same platform as the software that you're using ... Merchant credentials from one platform will not work in the other. 

If you need some help, please feel free to reach out.  We have a few Woo integrations for the Vantiv integrated payments side of things (which are free) and can also help out if you're working on the Vantiv eComm side as well.


Thanks for the great content George radialstudios​!!

Matt mwdweb​ - this aligns perfectly with what we discussed earlier today - lt George or I know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thanks everyone - have a great day!

Hi George radialstudios,

The plugin I have is the top one. Paul and I chatted last week, and we figured out that the client is on the Element platform, which (if memory serves) means we need to get them rolling on the Mercury platform. I think that might be in process now within Vantiv?

In any case, Paul suggested my next step is to connect with you and find out about a plugin you guys developed, and move forward from there. I can reach out on your contact form with my email/phone if that works.


Greetings Matt,

Sounds good.  You can shoot me an email - or call 614.846.7315 and we can figure out the best path forward for you. You can eyeball the various plugins at on our dev site, or I can hook you up with a demo API key that you can use to deploy the Vantiv / Mercury version on your site while we sort out the account info with Vantiv.


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