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Welcome to the FIS Developer Community.

Getting Started: Introduce Yourself

Getting Started: Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the TechTribe!

I’m Dani Perea, the community manager of Vantiv O.N.E.. Our goal here is to make your integration with Vantiv products successful by:

  • Providing you with key information and resources
  • Connecting you with experts and other developers who can help you work through challenges
  • Giving you a space to collaborate on and celebrate your solutions

Before you get started, please reply to this thread to introduce yourself. Consider telling us:

  1. Your role in your company or organization
  2. What you hope to get out of Vantiv O.N.E.
  3. Something about yourself

This is Bland Smith and I provide IT services for a Texas restaurant group called Blue Baker. Blue Baker originated in College Station, TX and is highly popular with the Texas A&M staff and students.

I am looking at methods to integrate credit card terminals with our aging Oracle/Micros POS systems and will probably be using triPOS Cloud. 

I would be greatly interested in hearing from anyone that has done an integration of that nature.

Hi Bland

We can provide seamless integration with Worldpay (Vantiv) processing and Micros in several ways. If you would like to schedule a call please let me know. Im copying Martin Bresciani, our CEO.


I would like to hear what you have to offer. Please call me at 940-205-9501.

i am also trying to set it up but are running into some issues . ... i installed the OPI_micros MGDH as per the doc but having issues with the triPOS part of it . can someone share their knowledge ?

I also love this - 
"I want to be a starving artist, so I have to ring up some more debt."

Glad to have some fellow female techies with good taste. 

Hi everybody! My name is Anastasiia Shchetinkina (in Russia we often use short names, so you can call me Nastya)

I'm 25 years old and I live in a quite big city called Yekaterinburg. I'm pretty sure noone knows where it is , so you can see the location on the map.

I studied computer security in the Ural State University, but I never worked by this exactly profession.

At the moment I'm a co-owner of two small companies.   

The first one is a franchise partner of 1C. 1C is the Russian software developer and publisher of the business software. We sell, develop, implement and maintain the 1C and other business software. Our site: E-Merge - Объединение профессионалов 1С  I'm the founder of this company.

The second one provides a wide range of IT services, from general IT support to CCTV and server virtualization. Our site: Alteit. IT услуги под ключ 

Since our companies mostly work on other companies' business processes automatization, this is the main topic of my professional interest. It would be a great experience for me to learn how you do it there in the US. I'm especially interested in the accounting and finance. Marketing is a new area for me, where I have no knowledge or experience at all. I've never been engaged into marketing because (at the moment) our company doesn't need it. The customer flow is bigger than we can provide with a service. Nevertheless, I hope that the marketing experience could be interesting and useful for me! Our companies are growing so it can be helpful later. It's also important for me to spend time in a big company to see how you manage everything there so I probably can adopt the best practices in our companies. Another goal is to get an experience of work and communication in a foreign country. Chellenges like this may help me to overcome stress today and in the future. In October we (I and my husband) are moving to Zurich, Switzerland. He is going to work there for Google as a developer and I'm going to find a job in Zurich or run a small business there and also continue managing our companies remotely. I also learn both English and German languages and sometimes I confuse one with another.
In my spare time I normally do aerial silks (which is my hobby for the last 2 years), travel, read books or spending time with my family and friends.
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of WorldPay for 3 weeks!

Hi there!

My name is Steve Stilson.  I'm a Software Engineer who has been assigned to an NPR station to get their web donation functionality more secure.  We want to take donations and pledges via our web page from a viewer's credit card, but we don't want the credit card numbers to pass through our servers, or be stored there.  I heard that would violate PCI Compliance.  So, hopefully Vantiv and Worldpay can take the credit card numbers for us, and then send us a token, which we can use to take the pledge from the radio listener and issue them a receipt.

Thank you for your help!

Howdy Steve, let me know if you need a hand with this.  We have a few pre-assembled Worldpay hosted checkout integrations (that are free!) which can directly accomplish what you're looking to do.  

Hi there! My name is Kayla Ohlson and I'm a Sr. HR Business Partner. I find the payments industry so fascinating and want to continue to learn more and see how we're impacting the world. Hmmm...something about myself. I'm a twin!  


I am the CEO and Founder of a startup called Tablelead, we are new and love creating products our customers use and can't live without.

I hope to learn more about the host of products Vantiv Worldpay offer to merchants to build better analytics and payment solutions for our customers.

I am originally from Misiones, Argentina where we have beautiful sunsets like this.


And in my province, we have the Iguazu falls.


I have been creating analytics solutions for companies for at least fifteen years, almost a decade in a top consulting firm. I left and started my own company and love the challenge every day. Please, connect if you check tablelead (dot com) and find it interesting.

I'm the web developer for Animal Genetics and our UK branch is using worldpay for their credit card processing and I need to add an online option for us to order and pay. I was directed to this website too integrate, but does this mean I need a separate account with vantiv, or how does it work????

Greetings.  Are you more front end or back end?  The Vantiv / Worldpay One developer platform has a ton of code samples and integration guides that can help you if you need to create a custom integration, and likely a lot of existing developers who might have options for you as well if you want something more 'off the shelf.'

If your UK branch isn't currently setup for CNP (card not present) transactions, you will likely need a new account either way as card present and card not present transactions carry different risks and costs to Merchants, so getting a new channel setup is probably part of the equation regardless of where in the Worldpay ecosystem your current platform is (and will continue to be.)

There are a number of platforms within the Worldpay ecosystem - when Vantiv acquired Worldpay several diffferent technologies came under one roof .... Worldpay Integrated Payments (Mercury, Element, Moneris), Worldpay Ecommerce (Litle & Co) and then Vantiv / Worldpay Core and Heritage Worldpay accounts.  

If you'd like to chat about the platforms to get a sense of where your existing MID (merchant id) is, and what options are out there, feel free to DM me. You likely also have a Merchant support contact at Worldpay that can give you a 20k foot view of where your existing MID is, and which are the most compatible sister platforms.  

I'm doing both front end and back end. We have essentially all the coding done, I just need to plug in our UK CC processing capability that will be parallel to our US CC processing capability ( depending on which office takes the payment. The back end is in JAVA, and full integration would be ideal. We have a WorldPay account, so that should not be an issue and I have access to the account. 

I believe that Worldpay ECommerce has an eProtect platform that works with

UK accounts. We just went through an integrated for this on a WooCommerce

plugin and it was not too tough, about 1 - 3 days or so of dev work and a

couple of certification tests to make sure it's all in order. They have an

iFrame and a JavaScript variant … I know at least one of the Merchants

using it is capturing funds to the UK.

I can reach out to one of the folks on that end and put them in touch with

you if you'd like


On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 3:22 PM kimvdlinde <>

What i'm using for now is the litle-sdk-for-java package, which seems to be straightforward to use....

Perfect, you're already working with the right ecosystem. the

litle-sdk-for-java package is housed under the Worldpay Ecommerce division,

so you have access already to the tools I was suggesting.


On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 6:05 PM kimvdlinde <>

Hello, my name is Taylor, I'm the lead engineer on the Karatstars project. I'm the CEO, and founder, and wear a lot of hats. 

I'm hoping that Vantiv will partner with my E-commerce company which only sells physical products. I have attempted to work with several payment processors, every time it is said that what I'm doing is against their terms or compliance. My platform uses a blockchain token. Its utility lies in our own system and there is no implied value. When someone shops in our store, we give away tokens based on the amount money spent on our platform. This contributes to the growth of our company, you can use the platform tokens on our platform for voting on various issues. I recently read that Worldpay was doing business with projects which are actually dealing, selling, exchanging crypto currencies, so I am hoping that my project is compliant because i have no intention to sell, let people exchange etc, my token! Please let me know ASAP.

I'm pretty hard to beat at Texas HoldEm

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