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Favorite blog?

Favorite blog?

What is your favorite blog that you keep up with regularly?

My favorite blog that I read with a near religious devotion is Ask a Manager - I read it 1-2x a week for Alison's brilliant insights on solving common workplace quirks, accountability, how to be your best self at work, and of course, for all of the BANANAS BONKERS situations that people write in asking for Alison's help.

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Do online newspaper columns count? Because my favorite is definitely New York Times Frugal Traveler column. The column consistently reminds me that wanderlust doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! From dream trips to Macau or work trips to Cincinnati, the column offers affordable and fun hidden gems to try. Not all who wander are lost! Just a reminder to continue to enjoy new experiences everywhere I travel.

I'm  a HUGE fan of Timothy Ferriss' blog, which is simply

Tim Ferriss is initially known for his book, 4 Hour Workweek, which I have listened to the audiobook at least 6 times, maybe close to 10, not because I really buy in to the idea of managing a 4-hour workweek, but what it did for me was inspire me to spend more time getting out there and living life, to keep exploring while not using my kids or family or job or whatever... as an excuse for failing to experience my next adventure.

I can honestly say that my life has changed dramatically, thanks to Tim, his book and his blog.  I would have never otherwise made a decision to take a spur-of-the-moment to Switzerland to fulfill my dream of skiing the Swiss Alps, or to try couch-surfing - a free way to experience the different cultures of the world by crashing out at locals' living room couches; I've done this in Switzerland, with several hosts throughout Italy and even in Chicago and Seattle here in the US and we have hosted travelers from all over the world as well.

Tim inspired me to dive in head first into entrepreneurship a decade ago, and with that, I learned the overwhelming value of outsourcing and automation.

Most recently, Tim's writings on Stoicism prompted me to undergo a 3-day water fast, to learn indeed that if I were to lose everything and become reduced to true poverty, how would it feel to go several days without eating, and in the words of Seneca, "Is this what I used to dread?".

Beyond that, Tim covers other forward thinking concepts in health and longevity such as the ketogenic lifestyle, gymnastics strength training, and meditation.

His newest book, Tools of Titans covers the habits, tools, and routines of the worlds most successful athletes, businessmen/women and entrepreneurs and examines the patterns and commonalities.  It's both an interesting peek into the lives of exceptional people and I've been able to try to apply what I can to contribute to my own pursuit of self-betterment.

matterhornweb.jpgFinally, one of my greatest honors in life was to find a voicemail message on my phone from Tim.  After I went on the trip to the mentioned trip to Switzerland, I hand-wrote a note to him along with a print of this photo I had taken of the Matterhorn, the sight was so surreal, and he called to say thanks and then featured me in the extended version of the Four-Hour workweek by publishing the letter that I had written him.

I don't know how many people can say their lives have been absolutely and positively altered by a blog or book or podcast, but I can definitely say this is true for me.  Thanks, Tim!

TechCrunch​ is one that I find myself reading every morning with a good cup of Joe. I'm a big fan of smart technology and it's almost impossible to stay in the know with all the advances in this space...especially for smart home automation.

I probably have the geekiest answer, but I've been reading a blog in Canada for years and for me it never gets old - It's mostly about economics. Written by Garth Turner who runs a wealth management company. What keeps me coming back is the cool daily pictures and the smart writing. Even the comments / discussion are worth reading.

I am an avid follower of all things business and payments.  Quora is great, PaymentEye, Steve Blank, Sara Cuda of Pando are great! This is a great way to share some great blogs!  Thank you for originally suggesting this topic!!

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