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CreditCardSale Hosted Payments with PaymentAccountID

CreditCardSale Hosted Payments with PaymentAccountID


I'm trying to integrate Vantiv Express with our ticketing system ( ecommerce )

I'm using the web service endpoint in C#

I'm fine with basic feature credit card sale, credit card authorize and so on.

But i'm in problem with tokenization.

Let me explain:

I succesfull create a "PaymentAccountID" using the hosted page with PaymentAccountCreate ( but no ccv visible )

When I try to "CreditCardSale" I get the error "Card Number Required" but I supplied "PaymentAccountID" in ExtendedParameters.

The second problem regarding the hostedpage in "PaymentAccountCreate" mode it's how can i make visible the ccv field?

There are example of this 2 arguments.

Best regard Davide Meneghello


Hi Davide,

I see in your other tread that you mention you are using the SoapEndpoint, I did want to mention that this interface is no longer being updated. Thus, we recommend switching to the XML interface to minimize future updates. With that said, this is not an immediate switch and SOAP will be supported for the time being. I am responding to your thread (CreditCardSale with PaymentAccountID ) with an XML example of a CreditCardSale with a PaymentAccountID for your reference. Based on your other thread you are receiving a "CardNumberRequired", could you provide the TransactionID for this request to review?

In regards to CVV this is considered sensitive card data and cannot be stored in a PaymentAccountID.

Thank you,

Katharine Unsworth

Implementations Consultant

Developer Integrations
vantiv / integrated payments

o: 970.335.4212

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