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Access Vantiv Payfac API from Salesforce for onboarding

Access Vantiv Payfac API from Salesforce for onboarding

Hi guys,

Our organisation use salesforce for CRM . I am looking to consume Vantiv Payfac API from Salesforce to onboard the clients in Vantiv. Can any one guide me in the right direction?




Yamini, You can utilize the PayFac API like any other REST based API from within your SalesForce environment. In other words, if you were using something Iike SalesForce APEX, you could make calls like so: How to make a post request to some other server from apex controller - Salesforce Stack Exchange

All of our PayFac developer documentation is here: PayFac Developer Documentation

And you may be referring to the PayFac API Here: Vantiv PayFac API Reference Guide v13.0 v2.0

Are you already enrolled as a PayFac? If so, reach out to your relationship manager and we can start an integration project with you. If not, there are steps and processes involved in becoming a PayFac and you and your organization should reach out to us to start that process if you have not already.

Thanks Josh.

We are already enrolled as a payfac and we are in contact with our relationship manager.

Hi Josh,

We would like to start the integration project with you. Can I please get your integration team assigned to the project ASAP?




You can normally do this with your RM, they can start the project intake process. If you reach out to them, they can help guide the process. I can reach out as well, which orgnaization are you with?


Josh Mather

Also, if you follow me, I can send you a direct message with more information. You may be able to send me a direct message as well.

Thanks Josh.

We are in contact with your integration team. Thanks for your help.


I am currently testing payfac API with Postman but I am getting unauthorized access error.

This is my request: I have removed authorization and postman token for security purposes.

POST /legalentity HTTP/1.1


Content-Type: text/xml

Authorization: Basic ---------

Cache-Control: no-cache

Postman-Token: -------------


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>












<streetAddress1>happy st</streetAddress1>








<title>Chief Financial Officer</title>

<firstName>p first</firstName>

<lastName>p last</lastName>








<streetAddress1>p street address 1</streetAddress1>

<streetAddress2>p street address 2</streetAddress2>










This is the response back from server:

<errorResponse xmlns="">
<error>You are not authorized to access this resource. Please check your credentials.</error>

Can you guys please contact me regarding this? 

I am in AEST Zone. Please let me know your comfortable time I am happy to come online anytime.



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