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Welcome to the FIS Developer Community.

About Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments - Payments 101

About Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments - Payments 101


Welcome to Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments developer community. This site is designed to get you familiar with the variety of resources available to help you integrate our payment processing solutions and add-on features to your payment application. Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments leverages two core platforms: Express and MercuryPay. Whether your payment application is for card present or card not present, we use the latest technologies to help reduce PCI validation and time consuming EMV network certifications.


With Worldpay from FIS' Integration Suite for both MercuryPay and Express, software vendors have a simple, direct path to:


  • Removing applications from scope for PA-DSS validation
  • Direct integration methods for complete control
  • Payment middleware reducing cost and time during development
  • Omni-Commerce platform development


By enabling ISVs to supply the most secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective payment processing interfaces available, Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments helps strengthen brands and increase revenues. Through Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments, developers can build applications for merchants that:


  • Support a wide variety of payment options
  • Help reduce processing costs and chargebacks
  • Improve payment throughput and reliability
  • Span multiple channels including in-store, on the web and mobile


What are my Integration Options?



Integration Life Cycle


1. Solution Architecting

You will be assigned a dedicated Solutions Consultant for the duration of your integration project and for the life of your business relationship with Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments. As a first step our Solutions Consultants will work with your team to aid in:


  • Deciding which features and functionalities you wish to implement. This may drive the programming language or integration method best suited for these features.
  • Understanding the specific requirements for your target industry/business.
  • Deciding which integration method best fits your payment solution architecture.


2. Active Development

This is where you will actively integrate your solution to Express or MercuryPay processing platforms. You will also find endless resources on this site, our GitHub repositories and a level of payment expertise from our Solution Consultants that is above industry standards.


Contact to order test cards, test devices and of course for any questions that arise during your development work.


3. QA and Certification

Once your integration work is complete, we will perform a series of reviews to make sure your payment solutions is functioning properly and ready to go to market.


  • Transaction Review: All payment solutions require a transaction review. Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments will provide a custom script fit for your integrated solution. Once approved by our Solution Consultants, we will provide you with a Transaction Review Certification letter.
  • Compliance Review: Our compliance specialists can assist with a preliminary compliance review and assist with questions you may have in preparation for a Qualified Security Assessor audit, if necessary.
  • Beta Review and Certification: Before releasing your payment solution into production, it will undergo a Beta review. During this time, your Solution Consultant will monitor and review all of the transactions that are processed, and analyze them to ensure payment-type interchange stability and to ensure that the best-qualified rates are maintained.


4. General Availability

After your product is released into full production, Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments provides you with ongoing resources and support, including:


  • Our internal sales force, which can help you grow your channel
  • 24-7 customer support specifically trained on supporting integrated payment solutions
  • Continued access to your dedicated Solution Consultant


5. System Enhancements: Upgrades or Adding New Features

Releasing your payment solution into production is not the end of the story. You will want to keep enhancing your system with new features and capabilities as you expand your market, and may need to make upgrades to stay current with security requirements or industry trends. Your Solutions Consultants will help you decide on enhancements, and assist with their implementation, review and

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