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Yes, Hardware Design Matters!

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Why do most of the stores I go to have bulky, ugly, black or grey POS machines? And the poor things are all greasy and dusty. The grocery stores with their self checkout monsters, the non-touch screens with those old hard keys. Don't forget the ten year old PC and an octopus of peripherals mounted in some sort of weirdly fabricated counter or stand. And please don't say because it needs to be rugged to withstand the abuse...I mean the use...because rugged does not have to equal ugly and wiping the thing down with a wet wipe will only cost you a bit of time.

POS Stuff.jpg

Mr. Store owner let me help you, I need all your POS equipment to match, like everything the same color. Let me remind you that black goes with everything. Less is more, save counter space, but don't skimp on computing power. Make sure you have the speed and storage you need to run smoothly. It is possible to find beauty and brains, just be patient and you will find her.

Mr. Business owner I know that we are always worried about the bottom line, squeezing that dollar to the last drop. But, if you want us to give you our money can't you at least make us feel good at checkout and I don't mean selling me some feel good chocolate bar on my way out of the door. For the love of humanity, can we get something pretty to look at while we dip the chip? Must the design be square and boring?

Diadem Tablet Kim.png

I love my smartphone and tablets they are with me everyday. I understand the new business owners desire for Tablet POS. They want beautiful screens, smooth swipes and mobility. Magic Tech Fairy, make beautiful equipment appear! Because YES, hardware design matters!

Kimberly Elliott, COO

Diadem Technologies, York, Pennsylvania