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Vantiv Team @ RetailNOW

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Another fantastic day in the books at RetailNOW.  This day started with numerous partner meetings, followed by a practice session for our fireside chat, booth time and fantastic discussions with all booth visitors, two fireside chats in the booth, more tech lift, the awards presentation and seeing Mr. Reichart receive the RSPA Chairman of the Board gavel (congrats Tom), followed by dinner with the incredible Vantiv team, and finally.....sleep!  Vantiv truly is a wonderful place to work because, in the words of Ray Moorman, of the "People Stack".  For those that do not know "People Stack" is a reference to the people of Vantiv vs. the technology (technology stack) at Vantiv.

I'll use a few pictures to tell the story of Tuesday.  Someone else was geeking out with a really cool sand castle.  I wonder how long it took to create?  It reminds me that talent is everywhere and to make sure you keep your head up, looking around, rather than trying to read email while walking around.


This is fireside chat #1 where tony.rose​ and Steve Klebe from Google dropped some wonderful "wallet" knowledge on the RetailNOW attendees.  You can also see the wonderful TechLift team in the background providing expert payments knowledge.


The telepresence robot was a hit.  So much fun was had by everyone interacting with the TechLift team in Durango and Chandler.  We learned so much about the experience as well and hope to improve on future endeavors.  Below you can see paul​ at the wheel experiencing RetailNOW from Durango.  If you are interested this is the Double 2 from Double Robotics:  Double Robotics - Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters.  We will eventually add a post about the robot itself, lessons learned, and hopefully some interesting use cases for small experiments in the future.


The other hit was Microsoft's HoloLens which nnagisetty​ is demonstrating below.  As with the robot we will get another post up soon about how to actually write some code that shows a holographic cube and the ability to send a transaction through the Vantiv platform by "clicking" on the cube.  We had a great time, and many fruitful discussions, discussing virtual and augmented reality and look forward to many more.  We think these technologies (vr/ar), along with robots, and voice first technology are going to be much more pervasive in the near future and conversations with our partners are a beautiful way to engage in the small daily experiments that lead to innovation.


Our head "geek" Matt Ozvat doing what he does best....bringing payments and technology expertise to our partners like never before.  That white board received much love during RetailNOW which shows that low tech and old school communication are just as important as new technology.


And finally.....the awards.  What a great way to end the night with the RSPA Vendor awards.  One more day of RetailNOW learning and connecting!


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