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Vantiv O.N.E. is Going LIVE with Jeremiah Shea

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At Vantiv, we really pride ourselves in taking a forward-thinking, innovative stance in all that we do; from our products and integrations, to the value that we provide to our developers of whom we wish nothing more than seeing every one of them reach total success.

For these reasons, Vantiv O.N.E. is proud to be once again, the first ever payments-centered resource for developers, now with a brand new live-streaming webcast series.  Read on, or go straight to our Vantiv O.N.E. Live web page for more information.

While there will always be a place for WebEx presentations and YouTube videos, sometimes we all wish we could watch our presenters and see products working live in front of us.

We hope that this new resource for our developer partners will evolve into an incredibly valuable addition of our rapidly growing archive of content and training materials.

The creation of our webcast studio was no small task!  It involved acquiring and learning a whole lot of new technology in the realm of live-streaming webcasting. This includes cameras, audio, live-editing hardware and software, and a crash course in lighting and photography.  Several dry-runs later, we are officially ready to broadcast!

We wanted our long-awaited inaugural live-stream to feature an incredible speaker with very valuable thought leadership to our developer audience. With that in mind, we are incredibly happy to present our very first presenter, a seasoned writer and speaker on all things fintech, and Senior Market Development Specialist at Ingram Micro, Jeremiah Shea.

Jeremiah_shea_headshot.jpgJeremiah Shea is on his way to the Denver studio all the way from New York and has prepared a very eye-opening presentation on the evolution of payments and where you can expect things to move in 2017.  Think you have it all figured out?  You might be surprised to see what Jeremiah is predicting for the coming year.  If you haven't already, be sure to follow him on twitter.  Check out some of his musings on Business Insider here.

Ray_moorman.jpgOur own Raymond Moorman, Vantiv Product Evangelist, will be moderating the presentation and will speak directly to our developer audience to the security implications that the future innovations will require to your integrations.  After all, as technology evolves, holes tend to open up to more fraudsters.  Tune in to learn how to protect yourselves and your clients!

Here are some key takeaways you can expect to get from the webcast:

Security Implications

Emerging trends are leading to new forms of fraud. You’ll learn what you need to know to keep consumer data safe in 2017.

NFC Wearables and Omnichannel Commerce
As payment methods change, so do consumer expectations.  Are you prepared for the demand of omnichannel commerce?

Complexities & What’s Broken

Learn what challenges developers are expected to face this year and hit the ground running with your payment integrations.


This session will conclude with a live Q&A

The Webcast is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, 2PM EST. Click here to register for this live presentation that you won’t want to miss.