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Top 5 Edit Order Extensions

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Online shopping is a great way to get your products out there. Not only do you have a larger market at your disposal, but at the same time you can keep infrastructure costs at a minimum. Even though ecommerce stores come with many benefits, there are certain things that you may still be getting used to and they cause quite a bit of inconvenience.

One such thing is changing a customer’s orders after it has been placed. In most cases you may need to cancel an existing order and re-enter it into the system correctly, but this can be a time consuming process.

This is why it is important to get an edit order extension. In general, order extensions make it a breeze for you to edit orders after they have been placed. However, there are a lot more features that an order extension offers.

There are many extensions in the market and selecting the right one for your store may be tricky. Let’s look at the top 5 edit order extensions you can choose from:

True Edit Order by eScorpien

One of the most popular and multifunctional extensions out there is the True Edit Order. This extension provides you with state of the art features that will make editing orders a breeze. The most intriguing feature of this application is that it allows for multiple users. However, if you want to disable the multi-user feature, you can do it with just one click.

True Edit Order also gives you the ability to edit or even change coupon codes. So, if you have accidentally applied an incorrect code, no worries, you can change or e#dit it easily. As the admin user, you will also have the ability to add or edit notes after editing the order. You also have the ability to delete an order with just a single click. You can also edit the permissions of users as the admin with just a few clicks.

Order Editor by mageworx

Another good option is Order Editor. This extension boasts many features including the ability to preview the changes prior to implementing them. In addition to this you will get the ability to add users which will give you the ability to certain benefits of your store.

With Order Editor you can also edit customer and product details and at the same time this extension gives you the ability to make changes to the customer’s payment, shipping and billing details.

Once you get this extension, you will not have to go through the hassle of cancelling out an order and reentering it.

Order Manager by iwd

If you are looking for a free edit order extension with basic features, then Order Manager is the one for you. This extension gives you the ability to edit or delete orders and also to edit the status of an order. You can also update a customer’s shipping, billing and personal details.

However, Order Manager is not limited to these features. You can get access to premium features with the paid version. With this version, you can also change shipping and payment methods, manage your inventory and even keep track of your sales representatives.

You can also reauthorize customer payments using the Order Manager extension without having to access it using your payment gateway.

Order Manager Toolkit by amasty

Order Manager Toolkit is another extension that helps you edit your orders. With this extension you can even organize your orders and prioritize them. Order Manager Toolkit even offers you a cool feature that allows you to set up colored flags which highlight the priority of your orders.

If your store requires you to process orders in bulk, then this extension will make it a breeze for you. You can even add any files related to each order to make order management easier.

Another great feature that you get with Order Manager Toolkit is the ability to customize the display fields. You can choose what information to display with the order. This way you won’t have to open each order to find out what products are included, the SKU, payment method, etc.

True Edit Order Manager by CreativeMinds

The final extension on the list is the True Edit Order Manager. This extension gives you the ability to manager order information easily and of course edit orders without having to cancel them. You can also delete orders.

A great feature that the True Edit Order Manager provides is the ability to archive orders. If you want to access the archived orders at a later time, you can easily do so. This extension also enables you to restore an order after it has been archived.


An edit order extension can change the way you manage your orders. Not only will you be able to edit orders without having to cancel and reenter them, but at the same time it will make it easier for you to keep track of any orders and improve customer experience in the long run.

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