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If you made it to the event, did we see you there? You couldn't have missed us,


Vantiv right front and center as you entered the conference floor!


Well, times are changing, and as the payments world turns, so does the ETA. The vibe was centering around innovation. The keynotes had a plethora of companies involved in mobile payments and we even saw some novel technologies in the mobile space like PayApp from iControl.

Vantiv, of course, contributed to this innovative vibe in a multitude of ways. The first being our sponsorship of Payment Facilitator Day. This included hearing from experts in the field that are sponsoring the payment facilitator, the payments facilitators who have boots on the ground and what the trendsetter and compliance experts see this year and beyond.

We also sponsored the Payments Pitch-Off & E-Pay Innovation Awards. There were some incredible products and solutions presented, the winner of the one-and-only award went to cardless cash company Pin4. Pin4 is a payment and authorization network that provides real-time cardless cash withdrawals at any enabled ATM. Some of their described use cases are Brand Promotion, P2P Money Transfer, Mobile Wallet Cash Withdrawal and more.

Key Takeaways

1. Ubiquity

Transactions, being such a pillar of business in the economy, have become a factor in nearly all activities, from paying our consultant via ACH to enabling seamless invisible payments in the sharing economy. The ETA is moving forward with these changing times and giving a key window into this ever changing world.

2. Innovation

Payments are changing, and hence why Vantiv is such an integral part of the engagement with ETA. The Payments Pitch-off and Payment Facilitator sponsorship and the speaks to how we view and engage with this new wave of innovators. We got to see some very interesting takes from many of our partners, including an exciting new technology coming out of Europe known as Vibbek.

3. Tradition and History

The ETA started in 1990 with less than 20 people and now has 500 member companies in 30 countries. They have a long reach into the industry, enabling its current shape and its future. Vantiv has been a part of this for many years it is very exciting to see how these industry changes are bringing together the old and the new to foster the value interchange that drives our economy.

We had a great show, if we didn't connect, contact us here or reach out to me on twitter.

About the Author
Josh Mather is a technology evangelist here at Vantiv exploring innovative horizons in the payments industry. He currently resides in Bend, Oregon with his Archaeologist wife, son and two dogs. He can be often found in the mountains when not being creative with computers.