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Physiological Integrated Payments

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Several years ago I got laughed at inside an online forum by a former olympic cyclist and nutrition nerd when I suggested that maybe someday, scientists might invent a microchip that could be injected into our bodies that filters and measures typical CBC (Complete Blood Count) data.  The honor of attracting his attention was spoiled immediately, marked by an emphatic "LOL".

This chip, I proposed, would constantly mth.jpgeasure blood counts and alert both the user and the user's Dr. if ever certain counts variate above or below the standard "normal" levels.

And yes, I got laughed at.  However years later, I'm seeing more and more news stories about bio-hackers, scientists and doctors exploring injected medical devices.  Nothing concrete, but guess who's laughing now.

So how about implementing payments into these systems?  Would you pay to be alerted every time something looked questionable in your blood counts?  I sure would.  Sometimes the first indication of certain cancers begin when bone marrow sends a surge of white blood cells into the bloodstream.  People with autoimmune diseases are always walking on eggshells, constantly having to make trips to the lab to get their  daily, weekly, monthly blood counts.  And being a non-medical person myself, I can only imagine how long the list goes regarding the benefits of these types of medical implants.

So mark my words, Sky Christopherson: it will happen, people will pay for it, and probably with ApplePay.  "LOL" in advance, right back at you!