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Face to Face with Vantiv at Retail Now 2016

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After many years of partnership, Diadem and Vantiv executives were able to meet face to face at the Retail Now 2016 in Grapevine, Texas. The tangible benefit of putting a face to the name at the bottom of an email or match a smile to the voices we have heard over the phone is enormous. Amidst a world of tech and gadgets we remind ourselves that it is people and relationships that drive business and profitability.


(Darryl Elliott- Diadem Technologies CEO, Matt Taylor- Vantiv Integrated Payments CEO, Kimberly Elliott- Diadem Technologies COO)

On my way to the Vantiv partner meeting I was able to meet Jack! That was another face to face opportunity to lay eyes on the spokesperson for Vantiv Security Education Series Jack VS and watch him work. We did a brief playful quiz on camera, as I was asked to answer a question about data security. Jack's comedic personality made the subject of data security more palatable and friendly to talk about.


The Vantiv partner meeting was packed with dealers. This is me, in the front as usual, since my school days I have always liked to be ahead of the class. So many Vantiv staff members stood behind its partners which seemed metaphoric of the company culture of aligning its partners with an army of human support. My channel manager Molly O'Halleron is back there somewhere! Shout out to Molly!


At the New Members Reception I was extended a warm welcome by other committee members, board members, and new members. Unknown to me, I was afforded a warm chat with the Incoming Chairman Tom Reichart, who also happens to be a Vantiv staff member. Tom's appointment to chairman lets me know this association is in good hands as he is both warm and kind.


The parties and social events sponsored by Vantiv allowed us to let our hair down and get to know one another on a more personal level, to enjoy each other. We had a blast!


I am thankful to Vantiv for promoting membership to the RSPA and providing incentives to encourage its partners to attend Retail Now 2016. As a first year member of the RSPA and first time attendee of Retail Now, I must admit that the value of meeting the people behind the companies that we have worked with for years left a huge impression on me. It is a reminder that business relationships are comprised of human relationships which are furthered solidified through human interaction and physical proximity. Thank you Vantiv for bringing us face to face. We at Diadem Technologies look forward to continuing this relationship and enjoying the Vantiv Partner Advantage. Thanks again.

Darryl Elliott, CEO & Kimberly Elliott, COO

Diadem Technologies, York, Pennsylvania.