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Conquering Everyday Challenges

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There is an indescribable feeling of accomplishment when you finally conquer a challenge or solve a problem you have been working on for a while. In the industry of payment integrations this is no exception. Every day I am presented with challenges and puzzles that I have to solve to assist my developers and help them complete their solution. When the ISV finally goes live and begins processing it is immensely gratifying. Vantiv strives to provide the best support to our partners and their clients. How does Vantiv provide the best customer experience? By recognizing and providing a unique culture to the people who come into work every day to support our clients. Recently Vantiv supported me in volunteering with the Adaptive Sports organization, a non-profit organization that helps provide outdoor, sport and recreational experiences for people with disabilities.

I had the pleasure of going skiing with a group of about 6 children from the Riverview Elementary school who had various disabilities. As I assisted with learning how to get on/off a lift, slowing down, control, and turning I couldn’t help but compare the challenges for the kids with the challenges our developers face in integrating. Some of the kids would become frustrated very quickly and have to take a long break after a couple runs. Others would keep pushing at it knowing they had limited time on the mountain for the day. Our developers face these struggles every day. They are learning a new platform, and working on adding a payment piece to a project that they have been developing for a long time. For some this is a foreign concept and has a huge learning curve. I see how some developers need time to process all the information and make sure they are incorporating it effectively into their POS. Others are on a time crunch and have to force through the work despite the challenges.

Just like the slopes where the children learn to get on/off the slope, our ISVs have to learn how to hit our test platform and understand the steps to get off into production. Many times our developers are anxious to get started and will hit the ground running, so we have to discuss slowing down to ensure that we have the appropriate discussions to go-to-market and so that the products integrated have the quality to processes successfully. There is a lot of control required in the logic of a POS to handle different transaction types, effectively implement CVV/AVS validation, and appropriately respond to issues whether it is a communication issue or a specific decline. We help our developers make their turns through each process and requirement, guiding them down each piece until they can reach the final completion and successfully go live. We all deal with challenges daily and are working on adapting to the never ending changes. Seeing how the children with Adaptive Sports conquered these challenges was a great opportunity for me to relate to how Developer Integrations help our developers do the same. It’s the little experiences and opportunities such as this volunteer opportunity that make Vantiv stand out and encourage the best support of its employees and customers.

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