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Call 4 Blockchain Hackers! - Distributed Markets Hackathon : Feb 25, 26

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Anyone interested in playing with Fabric composer and Fabric at the distributed Markets Hackathon? I have a small budget and just looking for 1-2 team members to come have some fun with me and 1-2 others already on board! E-mail me if interested!  ... All you need is some experience with Javascript and/or Node.js and a desire to learn about the latest in Blockchain and have some fun!

More info:

Hackathon Details: Distributed: Markets Blockchain Hacakthon | Devpost

General information about Blockchain: Linux Foundation - Hyperledger HackFest 2/2/2017 w/ Demos!

Blockchain demo apps to play with: Linux Foundation - Hyperledger HackFest 2/2/2017 w/ Demos!

Fabric Composer Overview: Fabric Composer - Construct 2017

Fabric: GitHub - hyperledger/fabric: Read-only mirror of

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I'm a Product Manager with a technical background. I graduated from the Computer Science program at UC Berkeley in 1998 and have been involved in the start-up community in the Bay Area ever since. It's been a lot of fun! I enjoy working with emerging technology and being around smart and fun people! You can find more details about my background at Linked In.