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Barbra Streisand and Bitcoin @ RetailNOW?

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It feels like a year has elapsed since landing in Dallas last Saturday but it has only been a few short days.  What a fantastic experience the conference was this year and I hope your experience was the same.  How about another "pictures tell the story" post?

Before the pictures I wanted to comment generically and then specifically on two items.  First it is amazing how much hardware is on display and how much hardware it takes to supply the retail industry:  pin pads, scales, cash drawers, scanners, cameras, etc.  It is a bit overwhelming especially for someone that targets one specific corner of the POS world.  But it reminds me to keep a broad perspective on the industry and that broad perspective can only help our partners be successful.

Now to the of my favorite displays, and I apologize because I do not remember which booth but seeing the POS (or POS enclosure) dunked in a water tank.  A cool/geeky way to show ruggedness.  Next year it would be interesting to recreate this experiment (with permission of course) and submerge many POS systems, in different enclosures, in the famous Bellagio fountain and then create a metric based on how many fountain events occurred before failure.  I can see the resulting t-shirt now, "Our enclosure survived 100 Bellagio fountain events!"

However, my favorite was visiting with Peter in the STOPLIFT ​booth.  The technology provides a mechanism to detect loss/fraud at checkout but I imagine it will eventually be used for so much more.  Imagine some day when the camera in the sky can detect exactly what's in your cart.  We have always assumed that the "uber" experience of simply walking out of the grocery store would happen with RFID tags but maybe instead it will happen with a camera that watches you place an item in your shopping cart and automatically sends you a text when you leave the store with your receipt while charging your card on file.  A few years ago I would not have considered myself a good use case and questioned the logic but waiting in line to checkout with two young kids has changed that mindset.

Ok, on to the pictures.  Who can resist a human sized checker game before hitting the last few educational sessions?  And by the way if you have never experienced the Gaylord Texan Resort you should check it out.


While removing monitors and flipboards from rooms we noticed this drawing.  We love payments, we love technology, but we could not quite relate this to the payment/retail industry.  Maybe this is one of those new blockchain technology diagrams?


Bob Goldberg gave an excellent industry overview presentation.  It's never a dull world in the retail industry.  The compliance issues, the regulation, all of the new technology.  Certainty is never a word used in this industry.  However, one thing you can be certain about is the experience you will get with the Vantiv O.N.E. team.  We are here to help and we are so excited for everyone to join the tech tribe!


Finally, and definitely one of the top experiences of RetailNOW was listening to Josh Klein speak.  So many interesting insights and stories.  From Hello Barbie to E-Estonia he had me on the edge of my seat.  It was also the first time I have ever noticed Barbra Streisand and Bitcoin referenced at the same time.  Smooth delivery, interesting content, please bring Josh to Vegas in 2017!  Josh, if you are reading this, the only thing you were missing was a surprise visit from the Vantiv techlift telepresence robot.


One final treat if you made it this far.  We wanted to provide a unique experience to our partners in the booth this year.  Well, we want to do that every year but this year was extra special.  While visiting the Chandler, AZ office this year we were experimenting with the 360fly camera and shot a video of a portion of the Vantiv techlift team.  Supreme video editing by Josh Stephenson lead to the beautiful 360 video you will see below.  We paired this with a conversation surrounding VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) and introduced our partners to the techlift team via a 360 VR experience like never before.

Thanks for everyone that contributed to this event, it's an incredible undertaking, but also incredibly satisfying.  Until next year.....

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